Quilt Show 2003

Here are some of the quilts from our 2003 show. Click each quilt to see a larger version of it, along with a brief description written by the quiltmaker. Please note that all of the photos are copyrighted by the quiltmaker.

Mostly Batiks
Lotus Eaters:
Tastes Like Chicken
©2002 Sandra Donabed
Multiple Choices
©2003 Sandra Donabed
Letters from Nancy
©2003 Sylvia Einstein
Lucy's Quilt
©2003 Sylvia Einstein
Rachel Carson Pond
©2003 Carol Anne Grotrian
©2002 Ken Gullotti
Full Circle
©2003 Rose M. Marzetti
Words of the Prophets
©2003 Susan M. McCraw
©2002 Susan McCraw
Images of Japanese Folklore
©2002 Gladys Perkins
Aquinnah - MV
©1999 Gladys Perkins
Swimming in Algae
©2003 Janet Popp
Five Fish
©2003 Janet Popp
Chad's Quilt
©2003 Tina Reinhardt
Elvis goes to Hawaii
©2002 Beth Reisman
Silver Anniversary Serendipity
©2002 Beth Reisman
©2002 Amy Robertson
Vintage Alexander
©2002 Amy Robertson
©2003 Keiko Sasaki
©2002 Mae Rockland Tupa
Peruvian Backstrap Weaver
©2003 The All for One and One for All Quilters
Orange Construction
Fence #2
©2002 Jeanne Williamson